From the very beginning of the design phase, we considered the product’s environment impact: in this case, transporting a piece of floor furniture was costly.

Our first objective was to lighten the structure without compromising its sturdiness. Since the reduction was not enough, we sought other sources of economy and completely rethought the design by applying the principle that made Ikea successful: furniture delivered flat-packed, to be assembled by the customer and in this case without the help of screws, using a simple assembly comb joint system.

As a result, a volume transported divided by five, 45% less cardboard packaging, a 15 % reduction in unit cost and a golden Popai.

The news of our certification renewal could not have come at a better timing! The ECO POPAÏ label has provided us with a methodological framework and tools that allowed us to initiate and implement an eco-design approach adapted to our structure and manufacturing tool. This daily practice gives meaning to our work, our growth and encourages us to develop new solidarity with our local partners. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to share our experience and contribute to helping you reduce the environmental impact of your POSM.